About the Chamber

Welcome to the Hawarden Chamber of Commerce website. With over 92 businesses and individual memberships, our focus is making Hawarden a better place to live, work, worship, and play in the growth of business and employment opportunities through vision and leadership.

Chamber Board –
President Lynn Van Ballegooyen, V-President Dan Cain, Retail Community Events Chair Jenn Bergsma,
Organization Chair Mackenzie Feldhacker, Development Committee Chair Collin Wiggins, City Council Representative Tim Kurth,
Chamber Director Cathie Brown, City Administrator Mike DeBruin, Mayor Ric Porter.

Chamber Committees –
Retail Community Events: Conducting year wide events/promotions from the Labor Day Celebration through the Holiday promotions is the main focus of this committee.

Organization Membership Committee –
Maintaining the organizational structure, this committee is responsible for Elections, Annual Banquet, and Chamber Social events.

Development Committee –
This committee’s emphasis is to assist businesses with physical, financial, and guidance resources to locate, expand, or development in Hawarden. It is made up of individuals elected by the membership during the Annual Meeting.