Ord 672 Adopting 2011 Code of Ordinances
Ord 673 Amending Ambulance Fees
Ord 674 Cable Rate Amendment 2012
Ord 675 Amending Zoning Map
Ord 676 Amending Code All-Terrain Vehicles
Ord 677 Amending Code Cemetery Regulations
Ord 678 Amending Code Prohibited Sales and Acts
Ord 679 Amending Code Installment Payment of Cost Abatement
Ord 680 Amending Water and Waste Water Rates
Ord 681 Adopting Regulating Land Uses for Protection of Public Water Supply Wellheads
Ord 682 Provision Pertaining to Removal of an Officer’s Comm Device
Ord 683 and 684 Amending Mayor and Council Compensation
Ord 685 Amending Zoning Ordinance
Ord 686 Amending Water and Waste Water Rates
Ord 687 Amending Code alternative nicotine products
Ord 688 Amending Code Pertaining to Off-Road Utility Vehicles
Ord 689 Amending Code Pertaining to Solid Waste
Ord 690 Amending Code Pertaining to Vacancies in Office and City Elections
Ord 691 Amending Code Pertaining to Persons Under Legal Age and Social Hosts
Ord 692 Amending Cable and Internet Rates
Ord 693 Provisions Pertaining to Disorderly Conduct
Ord 694 Provisions Pertaining to Amusement Devices
Ord 695 Amending Cable, Telephone & Internet Rates & Fees
Ord 696 Amending Water & Wastewater Utility Rates
Ord 697 Amending Cable Rates 2017
Ord 698 Amending Sale & Use of Fireworks
Ord 699 Cigarettes & Tobacco Permits
Ord 700 Amending Internet and Cable Rates 2018
Ord 701 Eliminating Imprisonment Penalty
Ord 702 Social Host
Ord 703 Amending Alcohol Beverage Control
Ord 704 Amending Traffic Control Regulations
Ord 705 Amending Cigarette Permit
Ord 706 Front Yard Parking Amendment
Ord 707 Amending Wastewater Rates
Ord 708 Amending Ambulance Compensation & Fees
Ord 709 Amending Gas Utility Rates & Fees
Ord 710 Amendments with New Service Policy
Ord 711 Amending Solid Waste Collection Rates
Ord 712 Amending WasteWater Rates
Ord 713 Amending Interdepartmental Electric Rates
Ord 714 Conflict of Interest
Ord 715 Solid Waste Control
Ord 716 Operating Budget Preparation
Ord 717 Corrective Ordinance
Ord 720 Amending Zoning Map
Ord 721 Amending Electric Rates
Ord 722 Amending Gas Utility Rates and Fees
Ord 723 Amending Ambulance Rates

Supplement Record Ver 2019
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General Code Provisions
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Public Offenses
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Traffic and Vehicles
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Water Service Policies
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Zoning Regulations
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