2022-01 Approving Tax Abatement
2022-02 Approving Tax Abatement
2022-03 Setting Public Hearing Max Levy
2022-04 Approving Max Levy
2022-05 Apprving USDA Grant Program Application
2022-06 Setting Public Hearing – Budget
2022-07 and 2022-08 (Not discussed/ Project discontinued)
2022-09 Setting Hearing to Dispose of Property – E-Sign
2022-10 FY23 Budget Certification
2022-11 Disposal of City Property
2022-12 Adopting Hazard Mitigation Plan
2022-13 IA Economic Emergency Catalyst Grant
2022-14 Authorizing Eisma Tax Rebate
2022-15 Authorizing Bids for Housing Rehab Program
2022-16 Adopting IAMU Natural Gas System Op and Main Plan
2022-17 Setting Public Hearing Electrical Power Transformers
2022-18 Proposing to Dispose of Real Prop – Ad-Bar
2022-19 FY22 Budget Amendment
2022-20 Authorizing Final Disposition – Ad-Bar
2022-21 Proposing to Dispose of Real Prop
2022-22 Setting Pub Hearing Zoning Ord
2022-23 FY22 Second Budget Amendment
2022-24 Setting Salaries FY23
2022-25 Final Disposition of Real Estate- Ind Lot
2022-26 Amending Schedule of Fees
2022-27 Adopting Personnel Policy
2022-28 Proposed Plans and Specifications – Power Transformers
2022-29 Adopting Personnel Policy
2022-30 Setting Pubilc Hearing Dispose Real Property-Brody Nohava

2021-01 Tax Abatement – Bultman 2731 Sandwater Drive
2021-02 Tax Abatement – HD Development 509 21st St
2021-03 Tax Abatement – Coppock 1319 22nd St
2021-04 Tax Abatement – Anderson 2406 Ave C
2021-05 Tax Abatement – Waterman 704 Ave K
2021-06 Tax Abatement – Carr 905 Ave H
2021-07 Tax Abatement – HAW Chamber 1813 Ave K
2021-08 Amending Schedule of Fees
2021-09 Public Hearing for Max Tax Levy FY22
2021-10 Dispose of Real Property Public Hearing Setting
2021-11 Final Budget Draft and Publication of Public Hearing
2021-12 Set Public Hearing for Disposition of Real Estate 1005 Central
2021-13 Set Public Hearing for Max Levy
2021-14 Authorizing Disposition of Real Estate 1005 Central
2021-15 Approving Max Budget Levy
2021-16 Set Public Hearing for FY22 Budget
2021-17 FY22 Budget Certification
2021-18 Adopting LOST sharing Agreement
2021-19 Adopting Revised Rules for Grace Hill Cemetery
2021-20 Appointment Rep for Northwest IA Regional Housing Authority
2021-21 Setting Public Hearing for Urban Renewal Amendment
2021-22 Budget Amendment for FY21
2021-23 Setting Salaries for FY22
2021-24 Authorizing Eisma Tax Incentive Payment
2021-25 Approving Urban Renewal Plan Amendment
2021-26 Authorizing TIF Internal Advance
2021-27 Declaring a Water Watch
2021-28 Designating One Way Alley Block 1 Org from 9th to 10th St
2021-29 Proposing Dispose of Property Parcels I, J, and K
2021-30 Inital Acting Potential Discontinuance of Telecom
2021-31 Calling a Special Election
2021-32 Authorizing Disposition of Real Estate CFE Property Exchange
2021-33 Propsing to Vacate Alley 1516 Ave F
2021-34 Proposing to Vacate Alley 2021 Ave F
2021-35 Proposing to Vacate Alley 1516 Ave F
2021-36 Vacating Alley 2021 Ave F
2021-37 Vacating Alley Block 32 Original Plat
2021-38 Vacate Streets and Alleys NS Block 8 and 9 Johnsons Addition
2021-39 Street Finance Report FY21
2021-40 Authority for Execution Pre-App USDA Grant
2021-41 Final Disposition of Real Estate Block 8 and 9 Johnson Addition
2021-42 Setting Public Hearing Zoning Ordinance Amendment
2021-43 Vacate Alley 39 block Ames Addition
2021-44 Adopting the 2021 Employee Personnel Handbook
2021-45 Authorizing final Disposition of Real Estate Woodley
2021-46 Northwest Iowa Safety Group and IAMU Agreement
2021-47 Approving City Administrator Contract
2021-48 Vacate Alley and Publish PH
2021-49 Approving the Saster Service Agreement- Long Lines
2021-50 Approving Amendment to Agreement – Jared Vlotho
2021-51 Duplicate Resolution- not used
2021-52 Final Disposition of Real Estate- Alley Brewington
2021-53 Designate Authorized Representative for MRES

2020-01 Amending the Schedule of Fees
2020-02 Set Public Hearing to Dispose of Property- Old City Hall
2020-03 Adopting Plan for Urban Revitalization Area
2020-04 Setting Time and Place for Hearing on Proposed Amendment to Zoning Ordinance
2020-05 Proposing to Vacate Alley East West Old Soo Motel
2020-06 Public Hearing for Max Tax Levy FY21
2020-07 Approval of the FY21 Maximum Property Tax Dollars
2020-08 Approval of the FY21 Maximum Property Tax Levy
2020-09 Approving Vacating Alley and Retaining Ownership
2020-10 Authorizing the Final Disposition of Real Estate
2020-11 Proposed Plans for City Hall Pavement Replacement
2020-12 Notice of Public Hearing for FY21 Budget
2020-13 Public Hearing for South Circuit Conversion
2020-14 Proposed Plans for Permeable Pavers
2020-15 Proposed Plans for South Circuit Materials
2020-16 Set Public Hearing for Utility Crossing
2020-17 Set Public Hearing for South Circuit Electric Project
2020-18 Proposed Plans for Utility Crossing Project
2020-19 Adopting FY21 Budget
2020-20 Proposed Plans for the South Circuit Project
2020-21 Set Public Hearing for Seal Coat Project
2020-22 Proposed Plans for Annual Seal Coating
2020-23 Hospital Payroll Protection Program Loan Execution
2020-24 Set Public Hearing Amended Sewer Revenue Loan
2020-25 Authorizing Release Option
2020-26 Amending Sewer Revenue Bonds
2020-27 Budget Amendment FY20
2020-28 FY21 Wage Resolution
2020-29 Authorizing 2020 Tax Incentive- Eisma
2020-30 Public Hearing Dispose of Real Property
2020-31 Authorizing the Final Disposition of Real Estate
2020-32 Authorizing Application to the Iowa CDBG Program
2020-33 Determining Blighted Area
2020-34 Requesting Assistance of NWIPDC
2020-35 Accepting Real Property 27th Street
2020-36 Street Finance Report FY20
2020-37 Requesting Iowa Covid Government Relief Fund
2020-38 Public Hearing Notice Dispose of Property 906 Ave B
2020-39 Final Disposition of Real Estate 906 Ave B

2019-01 Designate Representative for MRES
2019-02 Borrowing SRF for Wastewater Treatment Facility
2019-03 Proposed Draft Budget and Notice of Public Hearing
2019-04 Public Hearing on Urban Renewal Plan Amendment
2019-05 Setting Public Hearing for FY2019-2020 Budget and Public Hearing
2019-06 Resolution OQ resolution
2019-07 Propsed Disposal of Real Property and Publish of Public Hearing
2019-08 Adopting 2019-2020 Budget
2019-09 Approving Disposition of Real Property Bonnema
2019-10 Approving Urban Renewal Amendment
2019-11 Resolution Committing Local Match
2019-12 AdminPlanResolution
2019-13 General Admin Resolution
2019-14 Inspector Resolution
2019-15 NWIPDC Technical Resolution
2019-16 Resolution designatin officer for tax properties
2019-17 Fraud Reporting Policy
2019-18 Conflict of Interest Policy Addendum
2019-19 Procurement Policy Hawarden
2019-20 Segregation of Duties Policy Resolution
2019-21 Resolution proposing to dispose of property 704 Avenue K
2019-22 Resolution Approving Disposition of Real Property Jane Waterman
2019-23 Internal Advance Resolution (Hawarden #38 2019)
2019-24 Resolution Accepting KW Lighting Bid
2019-25 Resolution Accepting Knife River
2019-26 Second Budget Amendment FY18-19
2019-27 Setting Salaries for FY20
2019-28 Amending the Schedule of Fees
2019-29 Awarding Contract for Transmission Line
2019-30 Mutual Termination of Independence Waste Contract
2019-31 Terminating Bankers Trust, Approving BOKF
2019-32 Public Hearing for Electric Revenue Loan for Transmission Line
2019-33 Approving Contract for Wastewater Facility Improvement Project
2019-34 Awarding Contract for Wastewater Facility Improvements
2019-35 Approval of Orange City Sanitation Contract
2019-36 Resolution for Electric Revenue Loan
2019-37 Setting Public Hearing for Sewer Revenue Loan
2019-38 Resolution Amending Contract for Construction of New Electric Transmission Line
2019-39 Resolution Proposing Sale to Truesdell Oil
2019-40 Resolution Auth POS Elec Rev LA (Hawarden #41 2019)-v2 #2
2019-41 Approving Bond Purchase Agreement for the Sale of Bonds
2019-42 Authorizing & Approving a Loan & Disbursement Agreement Sewer Revenue Bonds
2019-43 Authorizing Final Disposition of Real Estate-Truesdell’s
2019-44 Authorizing and Approving the Loan Agreement
2019-45 Establishing Polices Regarding RARA
2019-46 Street Finance Report FY19
2019-47 Resolution to Vacate Alley and Dispose of Real Property
2019-48 Resolution to Grant Easement of Twentieth Street
2019-49 Declaring Necessity and Providing Notice of Urban Revitalization Plan
2019-50 Final Disposition of Real Estate Vacated Alley
2019-51 Final Disposition of Real Estate Unimproved Right of Way of Twentieth Street Easement
2019-52 Obligating fund from the Urban Renewal Tax Rev Fund for appropriation Eisma Properties
2019-53 Authorizing Internal Advance to Tax Increment Revenue Fund
2019-54 Resolution amending Sewer Rev Loan and Disbursement Agreement
2019-55 Release of Purchase Option from Truesdell Oil
2019-56 Intentions of Designation of Urban Revitalization Area and Proposed Plan

2018-01 Proposing to Dispose of Real Estate-Kaskie
2018-02 Proposing to Dispose of Real Estate-Munns
2018-03 Authorizing Disposition of Real Estate-Kaskie
2018-04 Authorizing Disposition of Real Estate-Munns
2018-05 Setting Public Hearing for FY18-19 Budget
2018-06 Adopting the Annual Budget for FY19
2018-07 Approving Automatic Mutual Aid Agreement for Fire Protection
2018-08 N’west Iowa Reg. Authority Rep
2018-09 Setting Public Hearing to Dispose of Property-Bonnema
2018-10 Terminating Agreement with Pioneer Teletechnologies
2018-11 MRES Representative & Alternate
2018-12 Authorizing Final Disposition of Real Estate-Bonnema
2018-13 Proposing to Vacate Alley and Sell Real Property and Publishing Hearing-Coyle
2018-14 Housing Fund Grant Program
2018-15 Admin Plan-Housing Rehab Grant
2018-16 Proposing to Vacate Alley and Sell Real Property and Publishing Hearing-Coyle-former Res.2018-13
2018-17 Vacating Alley & Authorizing Final Disposition of Real Estate-Coyle
2018-18 FY18 Budget Amendment
2018-19 Accepting Wastewater Facility Plan
2018-20 To Set Salaries for FY18-19
2018-21 Authorizing Final Appropriation Payment to Coilcraft, Inc.
2018-22 Setting Date for Public Hearing on Urban Renewal Plan Amendment – K. Eisma
2018-23 Approving UR Plan Amendment
2018-24 Setting Date of Public Hearing to Approve Development Agreement-Eisma
2018-25 Home Base Iowa Initiative
2018-26 Approving Development Agreement with Eisma for Tax Increment Pmnts
2018-27 Authorizing Release of Lo-Le Investments LLC Mortgages
2018-28 Street Finance Report FY17-18
2018-29 Sioux Valley Regional Railroad Authority Representative
2018-30 MRES Representative Designation
2018-31 Purchase of Natural Gas from PEFA
2018-32 Naming Depositories
2018-33 Obligating Funds from the Urban Renewal Tax Revenue Fund-Eisma
2018-34 Authorizing Internal Advance to Tax Increment Revenue Fund (TIF A)
2018-35 Internal TIF Advance – Eisma Legal Fees
2018-36 Authorizing Internal Advance to Tax Increment Revenue Fund (TIF D)