Public Works

Travis Waterman – Public Works Director


It Is the Season-Call Before You Dig
If You Live or Work Near a Pipeline
If You Are an Excavator or Plan to Dig
Signs of a Natural Gas Pipeline Leak
If You Are a Public Safety Official
Call Before You Dig 811
Pipeline Purpose & Reliability
Gas Flex Connector Warning
Dangerous Flexible Gas Connectors
Gas Leaks-A Serious Concern
Let Your Sniffer Keep You Safe 
Danger If you Smell Gas
If You Suspect or Detect a Gas Leak 
Carbon Monoxide Tester
Carbon Monoxide pamphlet
Every Home Needs a CO Detector
Please Keep the Ice Off
Safety Equipment Needs
After Hours Phone #’s
Customer-Owned Gas Lines

Utility Rates

Iowa One Call Brochure for Homeowners

Property Owner/City Responsibilities For Services

Electric Service Diagram
Gas Service Diagram
Sewer Service Diagram
Water Service Diagram

Energy Efficiency Rebates


Business Brochure
Business Compressed Air
Business Custom Efficiency
Business Custom Electrification
Business Electric Forklift & Tow Tractor
Business Heating and Cooling
Business Lighting New Construction
Business Lighting Retrofit
Business Quality Install
Business Refrigeration
Business Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation
Business VFD and Pump


Residential Brochure
Residential Central Cooling Tune-up
Residential Electric Vehicle ChargePoint
Residential Electric Vehicle Survey
Residential Heating and Cooling
Residential Quality Install
Residential Rebate Form
Residential Rebate Form-Spanish
Residential Smart Thermostat

Water Quality Reports


Affiliated Websites

Bright Energy Solutions
Missouri River Energy Services website
Questline website
Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) website
Hearth (fuel cost comparison calculator) website