Notice of Tree Trimming

The City of Hawarden is reminding residents about the ordinance outlining overhanging trees on streets, sidewalks, and adjacent properties.  Please consult the below ordinance and make sure your property is in compliance.  If you have any questions please contact the city office!

Official Notice:
Chapter 151

151.03  DUTY TO TRIM TREES. The owner or agent of the abutting property shall keep the trees on, or overhanging the street, trimmed so that all branches will be at least fifteen (15) feet above the surface of the street and eight (8) feet above the sidewalks. If the abutting property owner fails to trim the trees, the City may serve notice on the abutting property owner requiring that such action be taken within five (5) days. If such action is not taken within that time, the City may perform the required action and assess the costs against the abutting property for collection in the same manner as a property tax.

This ordinance has not been followed in the past and as a result the City has numerous trees that do not meet the requirement of this ordinance. This winter City crews will begin trimming the trees along the streets. If you do not wish the city to trim your trees, please call the city office at 551-2565. This will allow you to trim them yourself or by a licensed tree trimmer this winter. Once the streets and sidewalks are cleared of low hanging branches this ordinance will be followed.