Phase 2 Stimulus Bucks on sale!

The City of Hawarden and Hawarden Chamber of Commerce have partnered to sponsor a two phase stimulus program to support our Hawarden Businesses.
Phase 2: Is a stimulus package for our retail businesses and goes on sale May 18. $5,000 worth of Hawarden Stimulus Bucks will be sold in $50 bundles at a 20% discount, or for $40. The stimulus bucks can be used at any Hawarden business (chamber & non-chamber members) excluding restaurants, the liquor store, or the City of Hawarden. The stimulus bucks will have an expiration date of August 31, 2020. (Limit of 2 per household.)
Call the Hawarden Chamber at 712-551-4433 to purchase your Hawarden Stimulus Bucks and we will arrange delivery